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The service we provide can be defined into various Core areas of focus.

inficoders design and team strive to create exceptional strategic design and digital outcomes that get to the core of the client's business problem and solve it. The service we provide can be defined into various Core areas of focus.

Our graphic design and digital services allow us to create all forms of printed and web based digital communications, from brand identities to signage system, websites to web apps, annual reports to sales brochures, social media campaign to search engine marketing campaign and much more

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We are 16 years old


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Production Area

Design Proceess



Our thought process begins with investigation we thoronghly understand clients profile, their rivals, need and market approach.


Story Board

Once we have sufficient information, we come up with a storyline , few options and path to implements the project. This is high level skeleton, we involves - Graphics layout and hand drawn design depending on the project type


Copy Writing

This is an optional phase. Typically we advice clients to come up with original content and the best content usually comes out of the person who lives the life themselves. However, we've an option to engage one content writers to phrase out clients expressions in professional words.



Once all the required content, images and footages is collected, the execution team generates the desired output in relevant multimedia files.


Testing + Dellvery

The project goes through a series of checklist and verifications as per the project type and then client is requested or final review. This phase is to ensure that when deployed in the real world the goal is achieved without any bugs or errors.



Depending on the project, suitable support is provided by our team to ensure that client is not let alone after delivery making it a pleasurable experience working with inficoders.